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La celebración de este año marcará la primera observancia oficial del 16 de junio como feriado pagado nacional y del condado. Como novedad este año, las festividades incluirán actividades de pasaporte educativo Trail of Knowledge, un viaje histórico de música afroamericana y entretenimiento artístico, y camiones de comida, todo diseñado para toda la familia. Las actividades se llevarán a cabo en todo el campus de BlackRock Center, así como en la Biblioteca de Germantown. El invitado especial Rare Essence actuará junto con otras sorpresas musicales y artísticas. 



Elevate your Juneteenth experience and keep cool in our Terrace lounge with complimentary snacks and drinks! Click here for more information. 

Planifique su visita

sábado, 18 de junio de 2022

10:00 a 22:00

12901 Town Commons Drive

Germantown, MD 20874

Estacionamiento fuera del sitio: Los autobuses de enlace viajarán regularmente desde Montgomery College (Germantown) y Seneca Valley High School a partir del mediodía. Remolque obligatorio en el estacionamiento de Safeway. 


Paseo en autobús desde Shady Grove



Voices of Classical Soul


Enjoy the musical musings of three singers with a back-story right out of a Hollywood movie; Coleman, Blunt & Peoples grew up singing together in church and on street corners throughout the 1960s before finding fame and fortune separately, then reuniting after 30 years to harmonize together once again.

Chuck Brown Band

Get down with the rhythms of the Chuck Brown Band,  an R&B/Soul group from Washington, DC. Affectionately known as the Godfather of Go Go, Chuck Brown created the Go Go sound.


The Goddess MC


Arguably one of the most vibrant MCs in the world, Saroc the MC hails from the southeastern area of Washington DC. With her crisp articulation, fiery delivery, and elevated lyricism, Sa-Roc is not an artist you want to miss. 

Marcus Johnson

Marcus Johnson is an independent Billboard-ranked musician,  owner of FLO Brands and FLO Wine, philanthropist, father, friend... and so much more! Listen to him live and enjoy American Jazz, for the love of life, self, happiness, and love itself. 



Educational Activities

12PM - 6PM - Trail of Knowledge

Come with a fully charged phone to experience some of the interactive activities at the Germantown Town Center Urban Park. You'll get to learn about why Juneteenth exists and the Civil Rights Movement with the use of your smart phone and other hands-on activities. Get a passport to travel the park curated with history, educational clues, and short documentaries about national and local history that you can read and listen to. Get Your Passport Stamped!

12PM - 6PM - African Diaspora Family Village

Visit the family village and learn about the African American culture through music and arts. Families can also participate in cultural arts and crafts that tell a story - where it came from, who made it, and the culture and heritage of place. They have fun and games for the entire family to enjoy together!

Visual and Performing Arts

More information coming soon!

Free Indoor Mainstage Movies 

TIME TBD: Slavery By Another Name - Not Rated

TIME TBD: Wakanda Forever - Rated PG-13

TIME TBD: King Richard - Rated PG-13

TIME TBD: The Woman King - Rated PG-13

More Fun for All!

12PM - 6PM - Artisans Market

Stop by our exhibit area on the lawn for free resources and information provided by the County and City departments, partners and friends. And visit vendors that will be selling everything from artwork to jewelry.

12PM - 6PM - Taste of Soul Food Bistro

Enjoy the taste of Caribbean, African, and Soul Food, as well as many other delicious treats with our curated food truck lineup. Don't forget your flavored ice!


Monday, June 19th

Honor the day of Juneteenth through service to your community with Main Street! 




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